About Me


I’m a traveler, through space and time, just like you.


I know that as a traveler, we like to sometimes look back at fractions of memories upon journeys that we have made, just to have a glimpse of how it felt and to remember every details of it, if not to solemnly hold the memories during the day.


This time, I travel again.


But this time is different. I have this… A blank page. To me it is not just a blank page. To me it is a canvas. A canvas that I hold everyday through my journey as a PhD student; working on the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court. But wait, it could be more than just a student’s scrap book…


This canvas is my contemplative place. A cave. A jungle. A temple. A classroom. A hut. An umbrella. A mirror. A podium. A letter. A weapon. A jacket. A highway with hundreds of vehicles and all of the noises flashing at me. This canvas could be everything. It could be an aspiration or it could be simply a piece of junk.


Like I said, I travel again.


But this time, I don’t have fractions of memories that I need to search. I am writing it.


This time, I hope, I could offer you…a canvas.



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