A Glass of Water

Writing is like pouring water out of the glass.


It is an analogy that by having a glass of water, anyone can satisfy his thirst and even offer anyone else to taste, to drink, to pass the water on or simply to dispense the water into the sink.


But most importantly, we need water. Be it a hot water, cold water, mineral water, salty water, flavored water or a mixture of all types of waters. Without water, how can anyone  drink and let anyone else to join his drink?


It is easy to find water, because water is unlimited. What makes it hard is to store them, separate them, mixture them and fill it into the glass.


For writers, reading is the water. It is by reading we can fill our glass full.  But reading is not easy thing to do. We have to fight our self and embrace it.


A writer needs to collect and classify his waters. Mix it and sometimes add other elements just to make his drink as his signature.


However, don’t expect everyone will drink your drink.


Not every one’s cup of tea they say.  But hey it’s ok.


It means a writer should read more and try to fill his glass in different way.


Simply put, let’s read, share and drink…